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Renault, leading sustainable mobility for all

FUNDACIÓN RENOVABLES. Technological progress and the lack of political commitment
APPA. Renewables? yes, we can!
AEE. Wind power, leading the energy transition
UNEF. 2017: the development of PV energy in Spain enters a new phase
Protermosolar / ESTELA. A bright outlook for CSP plants
AEMER. 2017, a year of changes, lessons learned for maintenance companies
ACOGEN. CHP: efficiency for heat intensive industries
GasINDUSTRIAL. Gas, a year in transition
ADHAC. 2017: A key year to consolidate DHC networks at local level
ANESE. ESCOS as a driver of the Energy Transition Law
AEDIVE. Electric vehicles: much ground covered, but still a long way to go

EAFO Study. The transition to a zero emission car fleet in the EU by 2050
The car of the future has arrived
Automated e-bus charging solution to accelerate the process towards electric mobility
The best electric vehicle solution
The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, moving towards a change of habits
Malaga and its commitment to sustainable mobility
Towards a mobility future on three wheels

Global storage market to double six times by 2030
Energy storage can boost wind power development

Efficiency and design of the modern data centre
Data centres will be a key element in the smart city of the future
Power monitoring in data processing centres

December 2017-January 2018

Cover story



Renault, pioneers in bringing e-mobility with the reach of everyone, leads both the European and the Spanish markets in sales of all-electric vehicles. Mid-November marked the registration in Spain of unit 5,000 of its Z.E. range since this model was launched in 2012, while in Europe, over 26,000 units have been sold this year to date. Since then, the zero emission Renault Z.E. range has become the most widely sold vehicle in this segment in Spain.


5,000 very happy clients in Spain

2012 marked a before and an after for Renault, the year in which it started to commercialise its all-electric and zero carbon emissions range, free from nitrogen dioxide, noise and smell, with the aim of making sustainable mobility affordable for all. Since 2012, 5,000 Spanish clients have come on board, who stand out due to their user satisfaction – the highest level in the Renault range.

In a booming market which in Spain has grown by 80% to date, the Renault Z.E. range accounts for one out of every three all-electric vehicles sold in the country (1,521 at the time of writing this article). The ZOE model is the undisputed leader of the zero emission market in Spain in 2017 to date, and the Twizy, the original all-electric vehicle exclusively manufactured in Valladolid for the global market, leads the quadricycle segment with a 64% market share.

At European level, the success of Renault is irrefutable, with over 29,000 units sold as at the end of October 2017 and a 25% share of this all-electric, zero emission market.

Renault ZOE, spearheading Renault’s commitment to e-mobility

The Renault ZOE is a deciding factor in the wide-scale rollout of all-electric vehicles. It incorporates the innovative 41 kWh Z.E. 40 battery that significantly improves energy density thanks to the chemistry of its cells, resulting in greater energy storage capacity and a considerably improved range of almost twice the original, achieving 400 km under the NEDC certification cycle, which translates into almost 300 km under real day-to-day conditions. This battery overcomes the issue of charging and easily responds to a wider variety of uses. Moreover, in addition to the already well-known battery rental system, this Renault model also offers the option to buy the battery as part of the vehicle purchase process.

Renault ZOE similarly offers increasingly more comprehensive connected services to enhance your sustainably mobile life. In particular, Renault has strengthened its commitment to connectivity between electric vehicle and smartphone through the My Z.E. online app (Z.E. Services).