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Promat, cutting-edge solutions in thermal insulation for CSP plants

Vilfer Electric: prefabricated busbars for power transmission in every type of energy project

– Positive changes taking place in China’s CSP industry
– Turnkey projects and technological solutions for CSP plants
– Kathu Solar Park CSP plant successfully achieves connection to the South African national grid
– MinWaterCSP Project. Minimising water consumption in CSP plants
– Hybridising CSP and biomass: an energy model capable of generating uninterrupted clean energy

– iSave Hotel: The energy efficiency platform for hotels extends its scope to the circular economy
– KNX technology: a powerful ally to achieve hotel efficiency
– DHW with an innovative technology in line with the philosophy of the Vincci The Mint hotel
– Retrofitting the refrigeration system of an urban hotel
– Hybrid solar panels for hotels: a cost-effective and highly energy efficient technology

– Biomass electricity generation to increase considerably by 2026
– Turnkey projects for biomass plants and waste recovery

– The Red Eléctrica Campus in Tres Cantos. Energy refurbishment using geothermal energy
– Refurbishment of the Born Cultural Centre with underfloor heating

– The CIne Building: self-generation and energy independence with renewable energy
– LEED in Spain 2017. Exponential growth with 587 buildings registered and 228 certificates

March 2018

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The Promat solutions make energy generation more efficient, both in conventional power stations and state-of-the-art renewable energy plants including CSP, fuel cells, biomass gasification, etc. With its extensive portfolio of insulating materials covering temperatures ranging from 100 ºC to 1,800 ºC, Promat offers a comprehensive service that, based on problem analysis, develops the engineering and designs a customised solution for the client, adapted to each plant and each specific market.


In CSP plants, regardless of the technology they use, the main aim is to make the collection and use of the sun’s thermal energy as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Thermal insulation ensures that avoidable heat losses are kept to a minimum and that the overall process is as efficient as possible from the thermal standpoint. However, it is vitally important to use the best solutions available, with a design that best suits each need.

Significant challenges must be addressed to achieve this, including:

  • Thermal management – control over energy loss – process optimisation.
  • Maximum reduction in heat losses.
  • Optimum plant efficiency.
  • Design for continuous operation.
  • Ease of installation and replacement during routine maintenance.
  • ROI for insulation
  • Reducing the total production cost of the plant (LCOE reduction).

By opting for the most extensive product portfolio on the market, based on the best insulation products and with the lowest thermal conductivity, Promat is able to design engineering solutions that respond to every design challenge.

With access to top of the range products, whether microporous, calcium silicate, refractory or biosoluble, high temperature mineral wools, Promat’s systems are unbeatable as regards efficiency. Heat losses in each stage can be reduced by between 30% and 50%.

For CSP plants, Promat offers specific solutions for each technology and component. These improve the efficiency of the plant, using lighter, better insulated, more effective materials with enhanced resistance to thermal shock.

For tower plants, Promat offers an extensive range of products including insulation panels made of high temperature resistant compounds for thermal shield applications, insulation systems for below the receiver and oven boxes, as well as solutions for: pipes and clamps, collectors, valves, etc., that use microporous materials.

Promat has moreover made progress in the development of its second generation of thermal shields to protect from solar overflow, which are more efficient and economical than those previously used…