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Buderus is now Bosch. Changing the brand from Buderus to Bosch offers new solutions

Energy efficiency at a crossroads
Demystifying IE standards
Improved accuracy and contrast in thermal imaging
SCOoPE Project. Energy efficiency in the agri-food sector

A new future for CHP
Does continued future support for CHP make sense?
CHP in the energy transition
Efficiency for the agriculture sector thanks to trigeneration technology
Energy solutions for Mexico’s industrial sector. The starting point of a firm commitment to diversification

The environmental case for natural gas
Technology push for higher efficiency in gas-fired power plants

The LED era and the evolution of energy efficiency in lighting
Adaptive connected street lighting. What it can do for us today and in the not-so-distant future
Smart control for efficient lighting
New LED driver and emergency system, a great solution for contractors and wholesalers alike
Efficiency in architectural lighting. Success story: the Melilla Assembly Hall

CSP stands at the threshold
Technological leadership in solar thermal energy with pioneering projects
Spanish engineering and design for China’s first CSP plant
CSP can help decarbonise Spanish industry

October 2017

Cover story


Buderus is now Bosch. Changing the brand from Buderus to Bosch offers new solutions

Buderus is now Bosch. The change of the Buderus brand name to Bosch took place on 3 October at an event held in Madrid’s Goya Theatre under the slogan “A new brand, the same essence’. The presentation explained the keys to this brand change, which heralds the start of a new phase in the development of this company that combines the experience of Buderus with the pioneering innovation of Bosch. New Bosch solutions were also presented at the event: the new Condens 7000 F boiler and the CC-8000 range of controllers.


In response to the new challenges arising from the digitalisation of the industry and an increasingly more demanding market, the commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning solutions will be distributed in Spain and Portugal under the same brand name: the Bosch brand. The change started in October this year with the Buderus product ports gradually being phased into Bosch until full integration is completed in April 2018. A new phase in the company’s development thus opens, combining the experience of Buderus with the pioneering innovation of Bosch.

Buderus arrived in Spain in 1999 and, since 2003, has formed part of the Bosch Group. As a result of this brand name change, Bosch is expanding its range of commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning solutions, strengthening its leadership and giving a pioneering boost to a consolidated product portfolio that enjoys a high level of recognition in the Spanish market.

As Alicia Escudero, Marketing and Product Manager of Bosch Thermotechnology for Spain and Portugal, commented: “All we are doing is changing our name to embrace the future, while maintaining the essence of Buderus in our products and in our human team. This development means our role as a reference in the sector increases its weighting in the market, by operating under a global brand name and combining tried and tested technology with experience and innovation. Buderus will retain its equipment and processes. We are just incorporating improvements that will help us improve and remain at the forefront of innovation in the market”.

Bosch presents the Condens 7000 F boiler and a new range of CC-8000 controllers

The start of this new phase for Bosch has been marked by the presentation of its latest high performance boiler, the Condens 7000 F. With a reduced size and weight, the main advantage of this completely new, AL-SI cast iron boiler block is its hydraulic sturdiness.

The new Condens 7000 F needs no minimum circulation flow and its boiler block is fully detachable from the rest of the components.