APSCL awards a combined cycle project in Bangladesh to Técnicas Reunidas

Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd (APSCL) has selected TR, which leads a consortium along with TSK, as prime contractor for the engineering, procurement of equipment and materials, construction and commissioning of a new plant for electricity generation in Ashuganj, Bangladesh. The contract was awarded under a turnkey contract worth approximately 300 million dollars.
The objective of the project is the construction of a new combined cycle plant based on natural gas for electricity production, which will be exported to the local distribution network. The combined cycle consists of a gas turbine, a waste heat boiler and a steam turbine and all its ancillary systems. It will generate net power of 380 MW under site conditions, at 35°C and 98% humidity.
The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank.
APSCL already has about 1,000 MW installed capacity, to which it will add the installed power from Asjuganj North in around 30 months time. The tender for the award of this project was put out by the public company ASPCL in mid-2012, with the participation of more than 15 companies or consortia participants.
Ashuganj Power Station Company Ltd. is a public company owned 99% by the Bangladesh Power Development Board under the Ministry of Production, Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh. It is responsible for the generation of electricity in the region of Ashuganj, 100 km northeast of the capital, Dhaka.