For the second consecutive month, wind power leads the installed capacity in Chile in Non Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE), according to the Report by the Centre for Renewable Energy (CER) in June, now stands at 572 MW, which is 36% of renewable energy in electrical systems. According to the study, so far in 2014 485.28 MW has already come into operation, bringing the total to 1,600 MW installed capacity for NCRE in interconnected systems. This 1,600 MW represents 8.15% of the total power in the country and is divided as follows: 36% wind (572 MW), 29% biomass (461 MW), 21.3% mini-hydraulic (340 MW), 12% solar (184 MW) and 3% biogas (43 MW).

The Coquimbo Region leads renewable installed power plants with 27% (397 MW, 33 MW mini-hydraulic and 2 MW solar), followed by Biobío with 20% distributed as follows (263 MW in biomass, 40 MW in wind, 13 MW in mini-hydraulic plants and 4 MW for biogas plants).

According to figures from the CER, in May two new 3.3 MW mini-hydraulic went into operation in the Central Interconnected System and the installed capacity at the La Huayca solar plant was increased by 7.6 MW in the Norte Grande Interconnected System.

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2014