2015: a record year for CSP in terms of demand and capacity.


CSP energy increased its production of electrical power in 2015 achieving an accumulated generated output of 5,113 GWh for the year. This figure, higher than the 89 GWh recorded for 2014, has allowed CSP energy to consolidate its contribution quota to covering electricity demand in Spain (around 2%), according to data gathered and submitted by the REE, Spain’s electrical grid.

The volume of solar radiation recorded between June and August has allowed the CSP industry to achieve historic highs, covering almost 4% of electricity demand, thereby demonstrating its capacity for evolution and development in addition to the potential of this renewable energy source. July for example recorded a monthly generation record of 889 GWh.

These figures have meant that CSP has be able to cover one-off energy demands of more than 8% and daily accumulated quantities of over 5%, between the months of May and September.

Sustained growth in 2016

For 2016, CSP energy is expected to maintain its consolidation and growth, thanks to the reliability of the technology developed. In this regard, the plants with storage capacity (around 800 MW) can supply electricity during the afternoon-night time demand peak, displaying a grouped CSP generation curve that is very similar to Spain’s demand curve.