2019: an all-time record year for PV in Spain

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

2019 saw Spain positioned as the main PV market at European level with the sector ranked sixth in the world, with the installation of 4,201 MW in ground-mounted plant capacity and 459 MW in self-consumption. Last year, the PV sector made a direct contribution to Spanish GDP of 0.26% (€3.22bn) and the economic impact of its exports amounted to €3.54bn, 54% up on 2018. In addition, the sector gave work to a total of 58,699 national workers, including direct, indirect and induced jobs. The spectacular growth achieved in 2019 positions the PV sector as a driver of the economic recovery.

These figures form part of the Annual Report of the Spanish PV Industry Association (UNEF), which brings together the main data on the evolution of the PV sector in 2019, as well as the prospects and challenges for its development in 2020, in addition to providing a review of the series of measures to be taken so that the sector becomes the driver of the economic recovery.

With 176 GW, renewables in 2019 represented 72% of new global installed capacity. PV accounted for 40% of this capacity, as the most installed energy source, from among both renewable and non-renewable sources. Installed PV capacity in 2019 amounted to 115 GW, representing an increase of 12% on 2018, to achieve a cumulative 627 GW.