2019: the transition year of the interminable transition

FuturENERGY Dec.19 - Jan. 2020

I started this article just after returning from the “unrestricted” green zone, the COP25, and the truth is that it has been a bittersweet experience. The Forum is a melting pot of issues, where apart from promoting the emissions reduction, it also addresses the problem of indigenous populations and personal experiences linked to the environment (extended stays in Antarctica, swimming across the continents…), all of which are very commendable but which leave a huge doubt hanging over what will happen outside of this setting. There is no need to go too far to find uncertainty: my bicycle fills the bike park, but there is only room for six bikes and a scooter: few wheels for so much sustainability… By Alberto Ceña. General Secretary of AEMER, the Spanish Renewable Energy Maintenance Association.