24/7 load consumption monitoring solution to make self-consumption smarter

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

SAJ is one of the leading global inverter specialists, with a focus on renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. The company supplies grid connection inverters (0.7 kW – 60 kW), hybrid solar inverters for storage, battery energy storage systems and monitoring platforms. In 2017, the company enjoyed a 24% market share in China’s residential PV market and featured in the IHS ranking of the Top 10 global suppliers of solar inverters for residential use.

In 2019, SAJ held over 25% of the share of storage inverters in the Australian residential PV market. Its latest product, the R5 Series solar inverter, won the TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award in the PV Inverter for Home Use Category in 2019. To guarantee a fast service response and high-quality products, SAJ has set up a warehouse in Belgium to support European customers.

Spain has been the leading PV market in Europe and the country is now accelerating its decarbonisation through a firm stimulus of the green energy reform. An increasing number of users in Spain are opting for the installation of PV systems for self-consumption. A smarter and more efficient self-consumption system directly impacts the rate at which the user recoups their initial investment. SAJ has now built a 24/7 load consumption monitoring solution into its R5 Series solar inverter. This article explains the solution and how it makes self-consumption smarter.