85 kWp PV installation at Mexico’s largest sugar mill

March 2015 saw the conclusion of the first construction phase at a Mexican sugar mill of a rooftop PV installation with the largest connected capacity. This phase has a total capacity of 85 kWp, thanks to the installation of 340 PV panels of 250 W each and 5 chain inverters. The installation is located in Navolato, Sinaloa and meets only 12% of the sugar factory’s total production consumption. However subsequent phases are expected to cover 100% of consumption needs, converting it into the first and only Mexican sugar mill to run entirely off solar power.

The project has been developed by the entity Energía ERA, one of the companies with the widest experience in Mexico. Energía ERA started operations in 2007 with a focus on off-grid projects and the installation of PV panels, mainly in isolated rural areas. However, with the entry into force of the Small- Scale Interconnection Act in 2008, it immediately started to develop this type of projects and has been leading the way in a large number of cities all over the country. Currently Energía ERA is at the forefront of the residential and commercial sector as one of the companies with the most interconnection contracts registered with the CFE, the Federal Electricity Commission.

Undoubtedly, one of the most emblematic projects is the installation at the Mexican sugar mill. Even though this is not the largest project to have been performed by Energía ERA, it does reflect the growth and interest of the market, the country’s commitment to technology and the profitability that can be achieved from investments in PV systems once the numbers have been properly analysed. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015