A brilliant Mexican PV sector

The Energy Reform has introduced a series of mechanisms that have provided business models in different fields of the energy sector with legal certainty and transparency. As a result of these efforts and the actions undertaken to comply with the world’s commitment to the environment, clean and renewable energies have grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to their capacity to supply power to both small and large areas of the country with a high degree of profitability.

Solar PV power has shown the highest level of growth and competitiveness in the clean power generation portfolio. This is in part due to a significant reduction in technology costs that have dropped 73% since 2010, and partly arising from the two power auctions, resulting from the Energy Reform, in which solar PV enjoyed a predominant share, achieving 74% and 54% of the total power projects awarded in the first and second auctions respectively.

In the first auction alone, the 12 projects awarded to the solar sector represent an investment of $2 billion that will generate a potential impact on the national GDP of 12 billion pesos, due to the development of 1,500 MW of solar power. This, in turn, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 2 million tonnes of CO2 per annum.Read more…

The Mexican Solar PV Association

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2017