A case study to show us how to achieve real PV self-consumption

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

Users frequently limit the installation of a PV facility in their home to the deployment of solar panels. However, is highly likely that they are unaware of the enormous possibilities, both real and proven, that are within their grasp to become even more self-sufficient in energy terms, thanks to smart energy storage batteries. And very often this same user blindly trusts that the compensation offered them by the utility company will generate a significant economic benefit. The reality is another, quite different matter.

Cases are already arising in which users continue to be compensated for the surplus energy injected into the conventional mains grid at a rate of 0.03 €/kW. The fact is that, ultimately, this is a very common fallacy. The wholesale price of energy during the hours of sunshine has dropped significantly and will continue to do so according to all the forecasts, given the so necessary and inevitable plan to migrate to renewables that is already underway in Spain.

Moreover, in practice, the user can face a long bureaucratic process before they finally see this surplus energy compensated for on their monthly bill. Given this scenario, our user does however have an alternative: to commit to real self-consumption. And this is done by adding a smart battery.