A defining moment to revitalise the Energy Services Model

FuturENERGY Dec. 18 - Jan. 2019

Foto cortesía de | Photo courtesy of EDF Fenice Ibérica

At the start of December, we presented the new corporate image of ANESE. This change has arisen as a result of the fact that the energy sector is currently undergoing an interesting period, which ANESE believes is the ideal time to promote and position the Energy Services Model. We find ourselves facing a regulatory situation propitious for energy services companies (ESCOs), who can access technologies and tools that will help them to offer their end clients integrated services in any sector, whether industrial, tertiary or residential. Hence our support of a change in corporate image, accompanied by updating our objectives. All this is in line with the new market situation and our aim to turn our organisation into the association of reference on sustainability. Over the coming weeks, the different communication mediums used by ANESE will be adapted to this new image…By Elena González, Elena González, Director of ANESE, the Spanish Association of Energy Services Companies.