A major improvement for legacy wind turbines with power electronics

Se estima quThere are currently more than 30,000 old wind turbines around the world that have no power electronics and whose guarantee periods have either expired or are on the point of so doing. To respond to this growing demand for wind turbine modernisation and to offer a reliable and efficient technical solution at international level, ABB has created the Service Center of Excellence in Wind Retrofit, at its facilities in Sant Quirze del Vallès, Barcelona. This engineering centre offers a new lease of life for old wind turbines, bringing a major improvement to their operational profitability to generate clean energy.

With the onshore wind power market coming of age, assets are getting older and many wind turbines have already come to the end of their warranty periods. At the same time, the operators and owners of wind farms in mature markets such as Denmark and Germany are evolving towards more powerful and sophisticated equipment of two or more megawatts, with the offer of new wind turbines of less than 1.5 MW disappearing.

The situation in offshore wind power features large OEMs that have bought out their smaller competitors, thereby rationalising their offer. This has resulted in the manufacturers that have been acquired no longer providing active support for their 1.5 MW-model wind turbines. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2016