A new generation of wind turbines that integrates solar modules into its structure

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

The advance of renewable energies is unstoppable. Alongside new technologies on the rise, are those already consolidated whose efficiency is constantly being improved and perfected. In the case of wind power, one of the latest advances has comprised hybridisation with solar power. On many occasions, when wind turbines are stopped due to a lack of wind, some of the control systems must remain operational. The usual procedure is to connect them to the power grid to cover this need however, the Acciona solution is to perform this task using solar power. The approach consists of covering the tower with PV modules capable of supplying the electricity required for the internal operations of the wind turbine.

For just over one year, a pilot project has been running at the Breña wind farm (Albacete), on one of the wind turbines owned by Acciona.

The installation involves 120 photovoltaic modules distributed at eight different heights, occupying some 44 linear metres of the tower’s surface area. With a total output of 9.36 kWp, the panels have been positioned facing south-east to optimise solar collection. The HeliaSol 308-5986 model PV modules, with their Heliatek technology, have a per unit surface area of 5,986 x 308 mm.