A new waste-to-energy gasification plant in the U.K.

AssetGen Partners, a specialised investment fund, has signed a contract worth roughly £82 million (approximately €110 million) with Bouygues Energies & Services for the turnkey construction of a waste-toenergy gasification plant in the Hertfordshire town of Hoddesdon, in the United Kingdom. Bouygues Energies & Services will be responsible for the engineering and construction of this 10 MWe facility and procurement of equipment, followed by operation and maintenance for a period of ten years. This will be the largest waste-toenergy gasification plant in the United Kingdom.

The gasification plant will generate 41.6 MW thermal, which, once converted through a steam turbine generator, will deliver 10 MWe. This represents a yearly net export of green electricity to the grid of 76,000 MWh which is enough to meet the annual demand of roughly 7,000 homes. The facility will contribute to UK waste management by reducing volumes sent to landfill. Over 90,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel sourced from local commercial and industrial sectors will be supplied by two of the country’s leading specialists in waste.

Bouygues Energies & Services will provide a turnkey solution based on proven technology developed by Biomass Power Limited. Site works, which will involve 110 employees at peak periods, will begin in July 2015, with handover scheduled for 2017. The Operation and Maintenance contract will then create 17 full-time jobs, mostly recruited locally.