ABB hosts the leading technological forum on industrial automation in Spain

Existing technologies and those that are being developed today are changing the way in which industrial production is designed tomorrow and this presents challenges for industries that would like to operate competitively and efficiently in this area. The so-called “smart industry”, based on communication to develop its “intelligence” is here to stay however as with any type of disruptive technology, numerous doubts and questions arise.

Thanks to its role as an expert in industrial automation technologies, ABB is in a position to respond to these challenges. This is why the company has organised the ABB Automation Days, an event taking place in Madrid takes involves the leading players from Spanish industry to discuss smart industry and explain how to improve energy efficiency in production centres and thus increase competitiveness.

In addition to the programme of lectures, attendees will be able to enjoy areas and events for discussion, networking and an exhibition of products designed by ABB to help optimise automation and energy efficiency in productive centres within a wide range of industries.

Smart industry

The evolution of traditional industry towards this new type of industry has not occurred by chance but has been driven by the complex situation of today’s markets that drive greater competition. In turn, this progress would not have been possible without the development of advanced automation technologies that are increasingly based on IT. These allow an increasingly fluid dialogue between human and machine and machine to machine, even facilitating remote interaction from thousands of kilometres away.

The benefits of these industries are clear to see. They include lower costs of energy and raw materials, reduced production times, comprehensive quality control at every stage and many other benefits that lead to the sought-after increase in competitiveness to be able to grow and even expand into new markets.