Abengoa completes construction of its second hydrogen service station

The international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors has completed construction of its second hydrogen service station at the company’s facilities at the Torrecuéllar industrial estate in Seville.

The service station, which will supply fuel to hydrogen-powered vehicles, produces the gas insitu in a clean and sustainable way. Moreover, the use of hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles does not generate any atmospheric emissions or pollutant gases, which makes it a clean and sustainable energy source for transport.

In situ hydrogen production also means that it does not have to be transported and the process is free of CO2emissions.Furthermore, Abengoa is working to incorporate renewable electricity into the process, with a view to the overall sustainability of the process.
This is the second service station that Abengoa has constructed in Seville, which combines the processes for producing, storing and dispensing hydrogen all in one place.

The infrastructures for hydrogen service stations are necessary so that hydrogen-powered vehicles are able to penetrate the market. Various vehicle manufacturers, such as Hyundai and Toyota, are already mass producing and selling these types of vehicles