Time to do away with the myths about wind power

The debate in the public arena about wind energy is often distorted by tortuous arguments and misinformation. In order to dismantle these myths through empirically tested real data, the Spanish wind industry is launching its Act on Facts campaign at the EWEA 2014 Wind Power Conference, held this week at the Fira in Barcelona.
This campaign, which has already been successfully launched in other countries, is based on the website www.ActOnFacts.org/es. In Spain, the first stage is a video which destroys the myth that wind power is expensive.
In fact, it explains that if you take into account the incentives, wind power cost each average Spanish home €3.5 a month in 2013. Taking into account, also the fact that wind power lowers the wholesale electricity market prices by displacing more expensive technologies when the wind blows, households saved €2.5 per month. On the website you can find all the calculations and reports that led to the claims made in the video. Also on the web are materials to back initiatives in favour of wind power.