Acciona Energía starts up its eighth wind farm in the United States in Texas

Acciona Energía has started the commercial operation of its eighth wind farm in the United States. Located in Cameron County (Texas) with a capacity of 93 MW, San Román will produce clean energy annually equivalent to the consumption of around 30,000 homes. It is Acciona’s eighth wind farm in the country, giving it total wind power capacity of 721 MW.

Built in 11 months and on schedule, San Román has thirty-one AW125/3000 wind turbines of Nordex/Acciona Windpower technology that are ideal for medium winds with low turbulence like those usually found on the site. The turbines have 125-meter-diameter rotors and are installed on 87.5-meter (hub height) steel towers.


1,500 MW in North America

As well as San Roman, Acciona has three wind farms in Oklahoma (329 MW), one in North and South Dakota (180 MW), one in Illinois (101 MW), and two more in North Dakota and Iowa (12 MW and 6 MW respectively). It also has a 64 MW concentrating solar power plant in the Nevada desert.

In the rest of the continent, it has 181 MW of wind capacity in Canada – in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick – and 556 MW in Mexico (all in Oaxaca).

Source: Acciona Energía