Acciona Energía supplies electricity of renewable origin to all the facilities of the Spanish Ministry of Defense

Acciona Green Energy Developments, the Acciona Energía subsidiary that markets energy, has been awarded the high-voltage electric power supply to all the facilities of the Ministry of Defense in Spain. For the first time, these will be supplied by electricity of 100% renewable origin, i.e. free of greenhouse gas emissions.

Under the contract, won by Acciona in a public tender, the company started supplying renewable electricity to all the facilities of the Defense Ministry in November this year. These include the General Headquarters, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, plus other entities that report to the Ministry.

Among the facilities covered are the naval bases at Rota, Cartagena, San Fernando and Ferrol and the air bases at Torrejón and Morón, plus other offices and installations, to reach a total of 380 supply points.

The volume of power delivered in the six months of the contract’s duration – it will end on 30 April 2016 – is calculated at around 180 GWh, with a maximum contract sum of around 25 million euros. If this power had been generated by coal-fired power plants it would have meant the emission to the atmosphere of some 173,000 metric tons of CO2, the main cause of climate change.

With this operation, Acciona Green takes yet another step in consolidating its business of selling energy to large consumers. It also diversifies its customer portfolio, which includes other Administration bodies such as the Network of State-run Museums and twelve hospitals in the region of Madrid, and companies such as Canal de Isabel II Gestión, Adif, CLH, Coca-Cola Partners or Danone, among others.

Images: Ministerio de Defensa.