Acciona selects eight startups in Spain’s first corporate accelerator for infrastructure and renewable energy

Accions chose startups Smallmatek, Goi, Hemav, Kineo, Mytra, Smartive, Be More 3D and Artelnics to take part in the first edition of the corporate accelerator within its I’MNOVATION open innovation programme.

The eight companies, chosen from among more than 100 candidates, will have support, mentoring and funding from Acciona to pilot test their technologies by applying them in a real situation in an Acciona project. In addition, the startups will benefit from fast-track procurements, which will enhance the launch of the pilot tests and the commercial relationship with Acciona.


These eight startups, chosen by 50 executives from Acciona ‘s business areas (construction, services, water, renewable energy, etc.), proposed innovative technological solutions that can be implemented in the short-medium term in the company’s projects.

The innovations gravitate around the challenges proposed by Acciona, which include technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, drones, 3D printing, robotics and machine learning, in order to carry out predictive maintenance, optimise asset management, build smart networks, improve infrastructure construction and maintenance processes, automate plants or develop new materials.

The successful companies have innovative products or processes in these fields and, together with Acciona, will extrapolate their expertise to the company’s operations.

– Hemav: optimises asset management through digitisation using drones. Their technology also produces recommendations for preventive/predictive actions.

– Kineo: using Big Data, this company analyses geolocation data from mobile devices to provide information about population mobility.

– Mytra: using the Internet of Things and augmented reality, this startup focuses on control centres to monitor large infrastructure and transport projects.

– Smallmatek: this company develops and monitors nanotechnology-based coatings to protect infrastructures against corrosion.

– Smartive: develops software based on the Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning to diagnose and monitor wind turbines.

– Artelnics: develops advanced data analytics technologies using artificial intelligence. They use neural networks to build more powerful production models.

– Be more 3D: dedicated to large-scale 3D design and printing.

– Goi: develops a new concept of logistics by linking individuals and professionals.

Acciona will maintain this initiative by holding regular rounds (at least two per year) to respond to the company’s challenges and needs at any given time.

The startups accelerator is part of the I’MNOVATION open innovation programme, which aims to generate an innovative ecosystem that combines the capabilities of Acciona ‘s R&D facilities with those of startups and partners, supported by the intrapreneurship potential of the company’s employees, to drive disruptive technologies and new businesses in the areas of renewable energy and sustainable

Source: Acciona