Acciona Windpower obtains seven new certificates for different models of its 3 MW turbine

GL Renewables Certification, a leading certification body for renewable energy, has issued seven new certificates for different models of ACCIONA Windpower’s AW 3000 turbine (3 MW). This gives a guarantee to the sector and financial entities that the turbines respond to the quality standards required for their operation in wind farms.
With these new certificates, which were received during the EWEA Offshore 2013 trade fair in Frankfurt, ACCIONA Windpower now has 15 awarded for its 3 MW platform, a range of turbines for which the company has supplied or has orders for over 1,300 MW.
Specifically, GL Renewables Certification (GL) has issued the Design Certificate for the AW 125/3000 IEC IIIa wind turbine, with a 125 meter rotor, 120 meter concrete tower and 61.2 meter blade, for grids of 50 and 60 Hertz (Hz). This model is specially adapted for sites with low wind speeds.