Goodbye 2013. Welcome to 2014

    Abengoa's Solana CSP Solar Plant

    The year hasn’t started badly for concentrated solar power. Reading an opening sentence like that feels strange after a year, 2013, stacked up with obstacles for CSP, particularly in Spain. But with the recent announcements in Chile and Saudi Arabia, it looks as though the sun is shining brightly in emerging markets, and that we have before us a year for consolidating CSP in these locations.

    We ended 2013 with dismal phrases and headlines such as “compulsory expropriation”, “lawsuits against the Spanish Government”, “changing the rules of the game” and “the destruction of a sector”. The last 12 months have been devastating for the renewable energies industry in Spain and for CSP even more so if we consider the leadership position we had won in recent times.

    With a stroke of the pen, the Spanish government signed what appeared to be the solution to the tariff deficit created in the Spanish electricity market. Renewables seemed to be responsible for a situation that had been dragging on for years. On 1st February 2013 the Cabinet approved a new measure to correct said tariff deficit. Renewables come out of it very badly. One of the set of tariff terms which generating plants in the Special Regime had been eligible to apply was eliminated.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014