Contract awarded in Chile for Latin America’s first Marine Energy Centre

The Ministry of Energy in Chile and CORFO, the Chilean Production Development Corporation, have announced the award of the contract for the first centre dedicated to the R&D of marine energy in Chilean offshore waters to the consortium headed up by French company DCNS. The centre aims to generate the knowledge and the technology needed to diversify the energy grid.
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The installation will help place Chile as a reference for marine energy by making use of the country’s enormous potential as it has over 4,000 km of open Pacific coastline. It will be known as the “Marine Energy Research & Development Centre” and will cost around 20 M$ of which almost 65% will be contributed by CORFO over a period of 8 years.

The development of this centre undertaken jointly by DCNS and Enel Green Power, in addition to the knowledge and cooperation provided by the Fundación Chile, Inria Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Universidad Austral de Chile and Chilectra.

The final objective of this centre is to make the knowledge it has developed available to the country’s industry country and thereby diversify the energy grid, enabling the integration and promotion of marine energy technologies and thereby providing the basis for Chile’s technological growth at national and international level.

Thanks to its huge energy potential, Chile has the opportunity to transform itself into a key agent in the marine energy sector in both Latin America and globally. The conditions for developing marine energy are among the most favourable in the world thanks to the high estimated values of energy density to be obtained from the waves and tides along the continental coast of Chile and its dynamic local economy.