AEMER GUIDE. Recommendations for Periodic Diagnosis and Assessment of Wind Farms


AEMER, RSA España and FuturENERGY have published the English language version of the Guide entitled Recommendations for Periodic Diagnosis and Assessment of Wind Farms. The Guide represents a further step in the Association’s strategy for the internationalisation of maintenance providers, within its basic lines of action, which focus on professionalisation and quality.

The Guide addresses the main components of wind turbines: blades, tower, foundations, electrical equipment, mechanical transmission and substations. It also identifies the responsibilities of the different parties involved: owners, manufacturers, independent service providers and insurance companies.

The Guide fills a gap in the world of wind power know-how, given that there are scarcely any documents of Spanish origin published in English that can be of general use in the sector, in a context of foreign competition, mainly from Denmark, Germany and the United States.

This Guide is aimed at wind farm owners, insurance companies and maintenance companies, but it is also very useful for centres that provide training in accordance with GWO standards, as well as other complementary courses for the purpose of improving knowledge of equipment and components. This is particularly true in the current market, where older farms co-exist with more modern facilities featuring large wind turbines.

The ultimate aim is to optimise the performance of wind farms, accompanying them throughout their service lives at the lowest possible cost, whilst maintaining the highest standards of health and safety at all times.