Saving, energy efficiency and measuring consumption

Integrated solutions from the KNX system

The evolution of developed countries has gone hand in hand with a growing demand for energy, a necessity that meets the needs of transportation, comfort, industrial production and basic services. Such an exponential growth in energy demand was classified as unsustainable some years ago and has lead to the adoption of international agreements to reduce the world consumption of energy and its detrimental effects, such as greenhouse gas emissions. This article explains how systems for measuring energy are able to interact with KNX automation technology and analyses the strategy to achieve the greatest savings possible.

A first key factor is to raise the awareness of the building’s users. In the case of the residential sector, users will be more careful in respect of energy saving because they, as the user of the facilities, are the ones ultimately paying the bills. But in the tertiary sector (offices, hotels, etc.) raising users’ awareness regarding the rational use of energy is more complicated as they are generally not responsible for paying for it.

Another key aspect is the growing implementation of automated systems to control lighting, HVAC, blinds, etc., that offer significant energy savings and whose benefits remain stable over the years.

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2014