Albir Playa Hotel & Spa saves up to 55% in DHW production

The Hotel Albir Playa Hotel & Spa is a beachfront hotel with 202 rooms that in 2014 looked into the need to refurbish its DHW installation. The refurbishment enjoyed the support of Driwergy, an ESCO that undertook a preliminary study of the hotel’s needs and suggested changing the diesel boilers to air/water aerothermal heat pumps. The solution proposed by Driwergy involved the installation of the Q-ton system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a CO2 heat pump for DHW at up to 900C and that produces DHW at between 70 and 750C.

Firstly, the energy needs of the hotel for DHW production were studied. This not only took into account the heating up of the water but also losses from both the piping ring joints and the accumulation tanks. Having carried out the analysis, it was estimated that the hotel consumes 15,000 litres/day every month of the year, except for July and August in which consumption rises to 20,000 litres/day.

This resulted in an hourly consumption profile as shown in Figure 1, calculating an annual energy demand of 464,744 kWh. To cover this demand, two Q-ton units were selected, working in parallel, with a total accumulation of 18,000 litres. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2015