“All in one” solution to manage every wind farm

    The technological revolution currently taking place, with automation and artificial intelligence, is a key competitive element and one that will lead to a significant improvement in production capacity in every sector. Most industries are preparing for this change and the renewable energy sector has the opportunity to take advantage of this to improve the management of its installations and achieve greater profitability. An easy and accessible way of benefitting from this, as well as providing an immediate solution for wind power installations, is to update the wind turbine SCADAs. Even more importantly is to integrate every machine and wind farm into the new and more powerful CompactSCADA® Central Energy Control from Green Eagle Solutions.

    To date, the SCADAs installed in the majority of wind turbines are designed with the industrial mentality of years ago. These offer unprocessed basic information and lack flexibility when providing data that helps take decisions over short periods. The interfaces are not very interactive and often can only access information from the computer located on the same site. However, today’s CompactSCADA® technology offers a qualitative leap, giving the head of O&M and even the wind farm developer real time access to key information in the palm of their hand via their smartphone.


    The CompactSCADA® technology provides a solution that not only improves the features of the majority of the plant’s SCADAs, but also offers management tools and integration of other external elements of interest such as market prices, weather forecasts and alerts, and providing a solution to regulatory changes such as the OP9 and secondary regulation. Read more..

    Alejando Cabrera
    CEO, Green Eagle Solutions

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2017