Alstom strengthens its leading position in the hydro market in Turkey

Turkey’s leading hydropower equipment provider Alstom has recently signed three major contracts for Alpaslan II (292 MW), Upper Kaleköy (636 MW) and Tepekışla (72MW) hydroelectric plant projects, totalling around €100 million.
The Alpaslan II project, is owned by ENERJISA (JV between SABANCI and EON), and located on Murat River in Muş city, in eastern Turkey. For this project Alstom will engineer supply and install two 115 MW and two 31 MW vertical Francis turbines (totalling 292 MW), main inlet valves, generators, generator step-up transformers, switchyard equipment and control system. For the Upper Kaleköy project owned by joint-venture between CENGİZ and ÖZALTIN, near Bingöl city, eastern Turkey, Alstom will supply one 30.6 MW Vertical Francis turbine, generator, and the full electrical balance of plant including 380 kV switchyard equipment, generator step-up transformers, control system and rest of the electrical balance of the plant equipment.
For the third project, named Tepekışla, Alstom will supply two 35MW horizontal Kaplan turbines type “SAM”, main inlet valves, generators and a 4 MW ecological horizontal Francis generating sets. Tepekışla’s SAM units with 35 MW/unit size will set the world record of its kind, confirming Alstom’s leadership on “low head” hydroelectric projects. The Tepekışla project is owned by a subsidiary of SANKO Enerji, and located on the river Kelkit, near the city of Tokat, northern Turkey,
With around 3,500 GWh/year, these three projects will have a significant contribution to Turkish renewable energy production, in total generating about 242,000 GWh/year for the country.