Alstom to supply equipment to Iveland hydropower project in Norway

Agder Energi has awarded Alstom a contract worth 18 million euros to extend the Iveland hydropower plant in Norway. The contract includes the project engineering, supply and installation of main inlet valves, a vertical Francis turbine, alternator, control systems and other equipment..
Through this project, the Iveland II plant (in the municipality of Iveland, in southern Norway) will receive 50 MW of additional power, generating approximately 150 GWh, equivalent to the amount of energy needed to supply a population of 30,000.
The Alstom Hydro facilities in Galindo (Vizcaya, Spain) and Cornella (Barcelona, Spain) will be in charge of the engineering as well as the supply of the generation equipment. In recent years, Alstom in Spain has participated in the construction of more than 9 hydropower plants in Norway, thus providing generation equipment for a total installed capacity of nearly 300 MW.
For the Alstom Hydro teams in Spain, this is the sixth international contract awarded so far this year. In recent months the Alstom factories dedicated to hydropower in Spain have taken on the engineering and supply of equipment for three other plants in Turkey, two in Albania and this one in Norway.
Specialized in small to medium output size power hydroelectric projects, the Spanish Alstom Hydro facilities destined 90% of production to export projects, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. With over 100 years of experience, Alstom is the world’s leading equipment manufacturer for hydro power plants. Globally, one in four hydroelectric power stations is equipped with Alstom’s technology.
In Spain, the first reference dates back to 1906 with the commissioning of the Zumarresta Dam, owned by Iberdrola. Since then, Alstom has installed in Spain, 300 hydroelectric turbines and 2,000 generators with a total installed capacity of 7 GW, 40% of the total Spanish hydropower capacity.