Alstom Grid awarded for their energy storage solution

Alstom Grid has received the Innovation Award for their energy storage solution at the European Utility Week conference and exhibition taking place in Amsterdam, bringing together over 350 smart grid solution providers. Alstom’s winning entry is Maxsine eStorage, a smart converter solution for energy storage selected according to 4 main criteria: innovative originality, practicality, sustainability and design.
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Alstom Grid’s smart solution connects batteries to the electrical network, at medium or high voltage, and gives operators the ability to store electricity for future use. The solution has been deployed to the Nice Grid Project in France, the first demonstration project based on a smart management system for solar energy. Since December 2013, the Alstom Grid solution has been able to store megawatts of solar energy for use during the night or times of peak demand.

Maxsine eStorage technology will also be delivered in the coming weeks to EDF’s R&D laboratory south of Paris which is dedicated to the development of grids and smart electrical systems where the Alstom solution will be used for frequency regulation.

Maxsine eStorage

Maxsine eStorage is a battery energy storage solution that will enable energy storage along the electrical grids. This solution will increase energy efficiency and balance energy flow in real-time, based on consumer demand. Maxsine eStorage addresses the instabilities on the electrical grid created by intermittent sources of renewable energy, such as wind and solar.

The benefits of Maxsine eStorage span power generation, transmission and distribution. Each Maxsine eStorage module is connected to a battery up to 2 MW, and with additional modules, storage capacity can reach 12 MW. At generation level, Maxsine eStorage offers a back-up solution for times when electricity resources are in high demand. Power generators and transmission operators can store their production in times of low demand and low prices. The stored energy can later be made available within seconds to handle peak loads. At distribution level, Maxsine eStorage helps everyday consumers to better manage their energy and to buy when prices are lower.

Maxsine eStorage is installed with a power converter and real-time control software. The power converter connects the Direct Current (DC) battery to the Alternating Current (AC) grid, and converts electricity to be stored in the battery or to be dispatched into the grid for consumption. The eStorage management system software can be tailor-made to a production plan. It responds rapidly to weather conditions and to the demand to balance energy on the grid, alongside safe and efficient load management and frequency regulation.