Second wind turbine contract for Alstom in South Korea

ECO110-3MW turbines installed at the nearby Gimnyeong wind farm

Alstom has been awarded a contract by DaeMyoung Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of DaeMyoung GEC, a large engineering and construction services company in South Korea, to supply wind turbines to the Gowon wind farm. The wind farm is located in Gangwon province approximately 170 km east of Seoul. Alstom will supply and supervise the installation and commissioning of 6 units of the ECO 110 wind turbines with 90m towers, each with an output of 3 MW. When operational, the wind farm will have a capacity of 18 MW.

The ECO 110 wind turbine is equipped with Alstom’s Pure Torque technology which protects the transmission chain by diverting unwanted stresses to the turbine’s tower and thereby optimising performance. Exclusively developed by Alstom and deployed throughout its entire range of wind turbines, this technology increases the reliability and durability of each turbine. In addition, the nacelle’s specific design, made up of three, large independent elements, facilitates maintenance operations and safety inside the machine.

The Gowon wind farm, the second contract awarded to Alstom in South Korea in 2014, will be fully operational by the end of 2015 and is set to support the country’s 2020 target to produce 20% of the total electricity generated from renewable sources. With a population exceeding 50 million and limited domestic sources, coupled with huge demand, South Korea relies on imported sources for 96% of its energy supply.

The Gowon wind farm will be operated by joint owners Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Eurus Energy) and DaeMyoung Energy Corporation. Eurus Energy is a leading Independent Power Producer in Japan with over 2,000 MW in operating assets. Alstom has supplied wind turbines for Eurus Energy’s Satomi wind farm and is currently supplying turbines to the Kawazu wind farm in Japan, as well as to the Gimnyeong wind farm in South Korea.