Alternative fuel vehicle registrations

+0.6% in second quarter of 2016

In the second quarter of 2016, alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) registrations in the EU remained stable (+0.6%), totalling 147,784 units, according to data of ACEA. Results were diverse among different vehicle categories. On the one hand, demand for electrically chargeable vehicles (ECVs) showed moderate growth (+7.1%).

This growth was supported by both battery (+5.1%) and plug-in electric vehicles (+9.6%). Registrations of new hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) also continued their positive momentum, posting a double-digit gain (+22.6%) and reaching 63,707 units. On the other hand, new registrations of cars powered by propane, ethanol or natural gas (NGV) showed a double-digit decline (-20.8%) during Q2 2016, totalling 50,211 vehicles.

Among the EU’s major markets, Spain saw the largest increase in AFV registrations over the last quarter (+84.4%), followed by the UK (+18.4%). Growth in these countries was fully driven by the electric and hybrid electric segments. Italy performed less well compared to Q2 2015 (-14.7%), mainly due to a decline in registrations of propane and gas-fuelled cars. However, at the same time Italian registrations in the hybrid segment posted a significant increase (+46.1%). France showed a mild decline (-9.4%) in total AFV registrations, mainly due to a drop in the HEV and NGV segments. Germany remained stable (-0.3%) in the second quarter, balancing the decline in propane and gas-fuelled car sales with an increase in hybrid registrations.

Source: ACEA