Altran España has concluded development of the eMOC, the smart modular car of the future

Altran España, part of the Altran Group, has finished developing the eMOC, a car designed in line with the latest trends in the automobile sector relating to mobility, connectivity and sustainability.

The eMOC or Electric Modular Car concept is an urban electric vehicle that offers the flexibility and capacity to adapt to the needs of the user at any time, as its features can be extended via the use of modules. As a result, it offers a basic vehicle conceived fortwo passengers and designed to cover the basic requirements of urban mobility. To this is coupled a series of modules, under strict mechanical, electrical and electronic regulations, that equip the car with characteristics such as more power, greater range, self-generation of energy via renewables, higher load capacity, ability to carry more passengers, and so on. [sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]

The main characteristics of the eMOC are its reduced dimensions (2.437 m x 1.583 m x 1.683 m) and lightweight design (an estimated 500 kg) allowing an energy efficient solution to be offered for short- and medium-length journeys for one or two people. It is expected to have a top speed of 80 km/h and to accelerate from 0 – 50 km/h in under seven seconds. The basic model is equipped with a 100% electric traction system. It has two motors integrated into the rear wheels (in-wheel motors) providing a combined power of 25 Kw and an electric system integrated into the vehicle platform with a compact lithium cell battery pack and a rapid battery exchange system. The battery capacity is 15 Kw/h giving a range of 120 km in the urban cycle.