An integrated tool for advanced wind farm analytics

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

For many years companies have been incorporating monitoring and management platforms, however most have one great inherent weakness: they are designed as pure control and monitoring systems and lack the depth necessary as regards analytics to make the most out of the data. The RAMP (Renewables Asset Management Platform) tool for advanced wind farm analytics from UL represents a holistic paradigm change for asset management.


For a company such as UL, with years spent developing products and services with a very high technical content (resource studies, accredited testing, software and development data), this was a gap that needed filling. This clear evolution from the DaaS model in which data is supplied, through automation and customisation (SaaS) has led to the creation of RAMP under the AaaS (Analytics-as-a-Service) model. This tool not only offers customers data, or the ability to automate processes, but also all the advanced analytics needed to be able to action two main levers:

  • The revenue lever / ROI: advanced analytics can accurately determine which levers carry the most weight in production and how to action them.
  • The knowledge lever: having access to integrated knowledge of the fleet (with crossed statistics), the ability to adjust the pre-constructive models and obtain critical information for taking key decisions, which impact the competitiveness and survival of the company (for example, when calculating the cost effectiveness of the project or during contract negotiation).

By José Javier Ripa Serrano. Business Development Manager, UL Renewables Europe and Latin America.