Another year of uncertainty for CHP comes to a close

FuturENERGY Dec.19 - Jan. 2020

La incertidumbre regulatoria colapsa la cogeneración y su producción cae un 20%

We closed 2018 with the approval of Royal Legislative Decree 20/2018, which had given a respite to those high efficiency CHP plants whose service life would have ended at the start of this year, extending it for two more years; a right that will disappear if the new regulation for the long-awaited stable framework is approved. Another year of uncertainty has passed and there is still no stable framework and no investment plan for plant renovation. If the respite was for 24 months, there are now only twelve left to run. And the interim Government, with its own preoccupations, is still failing to take action as regards the industrial, economic and environmental consequences of this serious situation… By Antonio Pérez Palacio. Chair of ACOGEN, the Spanish Cogeneration Association.