APISA, manufacturers of drying equipment

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

APISA, fabricantes de equipos de secado

For over 40 years, APISA has been manufacturing and marketing three types of dryers: vertical, trommel-type rotary and horizontal band. The company also manufactures a range of complementary products for drying processes, such as biomass hot air generators, silos, lifts, screw and chain conveyors, grinders, pelletisers, baling presses, etc.

During this period of continuous enhancement and technological innovation to adapt to customer needs, APISA has built dryers for a wide range of products, such as: fodder, grains, sludge, slurry, DDGs, sawdust, wood chips and industrial confectionary pulp and waste. The company has built complete plants for the extraction of oil from oleaginous seeds, plants for waste shredding and pelletisation, small plants for the continuous production of animal feed, wood pellet plants for fuel production, retrofitting of biomass hot air generators to existing drying processes, etc. Apisa has also produced facilities to recover residual heat from CHP or ORC plants.

APISA has traditionally served the Spanish market. However, in recent years, supported by major investment in R&D+i, the company has sought to enter new markets and has increased its sales in countries including France, China, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Moldavia, Italy, Kazakhstan, the US, the

Cameroon, Argentina, Hungary and Chile.