APPA and CIEMAT sign a partnership agreement to boost Spanish small wind internationally

APPA-Minieólica and CIEMAT have signed a partnership agreement to boost Spanish small wind technology in international forums and markets which the two institutions are involved in. This will go ahead in the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), for instance.
Given the impasse that small wind is seeing at present in this country, industry players involved in APPA Minieólica have decided to join forces to promote the potential and quality of Spanish small wind technology in overseas markets. [sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]
To do this, they have launched a campaign to promote small wind technology under the brand SmallWindSpain, showing internationally that Spain is one of the countries with the best technologists in this discipline and giving visibility to the industry sector which is leading this initiative.
Companies like Baiwind, Bornay, Ennera or Kliux Energies have top quality small wind turbines that could compete excellently on the world market.