Argentina. Industry and Planning allocate credits of US$6,8M to SMEs to optimise the use of energy

The industrial portfolio headed up by Giorgi and the Energy Secretary is making credit lines of up to US$170,000 available to small- and medium-sized businesses at an interest rate of 9% to finance investments that will help improve energy efficiency.

The deadline for the first call for entries in 2015 to submit projects is 31 March. Interested companies can access credits of between US$11,000 and US$170,000 million (up to a maximum of 70% of the project value), with an execution period of up to 7 years and at a fixed annual interest rate of 9%.

The first phase of this facility amounts to US$850,000, with the remaining US$6,8 million to be distributed over consecutive calls for entries over the course of this year. Those companies that cannot access the credit as the coupon available for each phase has been used up, will automatically become part of the next phase of the programme.

The credits are intended to fund the analysis and investment of projects from SMEs that contribute to optimising the use of energy, thereby reducing the costs allocated to energy and leading to the improved competitiveness of businesses.

Priority will be given to those projects whose implementation establishes an improvement that targets energy efficiency, where efficiency is understood as being thermal systems (steam, hot water, ovens and/or dryers), refrigeration, mobility, lighting and productive processes.