Asolmex welcomes the issue of new rulings on the use of solar roofs

Asolmex the Mexican Solar PV Power Association, has welcomed the issue of new rulings to regulate the sale of power from Distributed Generation systems on solar roofs. As a result of these measures, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is making significant progress in promoting the PV sector in Mexico, which will increase the number of users that currently generate electricity from solar panels from 21,800 to 155,000 by 2020, an increase of more than 500%.

The CRE’s decision democratises the Distributed Generation sector, bringing legal certainty to the use of solar roofs in homes, businesses and industries and this will benefit small-scale users who will now be able to sell their energy surplus to the grid”, confirmed Héctor Olea, Chairman of Asolmex.


Roberto Capuano, coordinator of the Distributed Generation Committee at Asolmex, explained that thanks to the new regulations, three key improvements will be achieved compared to the existing scheme. Firstly, the CRE is strengthening the current Net Metering scheme by allowing surplus energy to be sold, whereas previously, after 12 months, any accumulated power in the electrical grid was lost. Now, because of the changes, after one year the surplus energy is paid for by the utility under the Net Metering scheme.

Secondly, residential, commercial and industrial users with demands of under 500 kW are offered a new opportunity as, apart from consuming their own solar power, they can also sell it to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). In the event that users generate more electrical power than they use, they will receive an annual payment for the power injected back into the electrical grid.

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Lastly, users will be able to sell clean energy certificates (CELs) to cover the minimum percentage of annual power generation from clean sources. As such, utilities and distributors will avoid paying fines for non-compliance with State-imposed guidelines.

The Secretary of Energy (Sener) estimates that the participation of clean energy in power generation will reach 30% by 2021. It is also worth noting that solar power has consolidated as the most competitive technology in Mexico’s electricity market, better priced than natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generation.