Atlantic Area Tour 2015. The REPUTE Project – Renewable Energy in Public Transport Enterprise, visits six European countries in June

REPUTE – the “Renewable Energy in Public Transport Enterprise” – is a project funded by the Atlantic Area Transnational programme and is designed to promote the use of renewable energy in public transport. The project aims to achieve change at a political and individual level. It comprises a consortium of seven partners and two associated organisations that have been working together over the course of 18 months to become catalysts for a dynamic and innovative application of renewable energy to the public transport sector.

During the project period, a state-of-the-art guide has been drawn up on the use of renewable technologies in public transport. Each participating region has organised a training workshop to which national, regional and local governments have been invited, as applicable. Two pilot projects have been developed, integrating state-of-the-art renewable technologies with the development of personal travel plans, culminating in the organisation of a conference tour in June 2015 around each of the participant regions. These conferences aim to share the knowledge acquired through the project with policymakers, professionals from the transport sector and the public in general.

In the wake of all these activities the REPUTE Project kicks off in June with a tour that will cover seven European countries within the framework of the Atlantic Area Tour 2015. The Tour runs from 9 to 19 June and is a conference in constant movement throughout the Atlantic Area. It starts on 9 June in Glasgow (Scotland) and ends on 19 June in Torres Vedras (Portugal) coming through Spain where it reaches Oviedo on 17 June to be hosted by the project’s Spanish partner, FAEN, the Asturias Energy Foundation.

The aim of the tour is to capitalise on the knowledge and experience acquired from this and previous projects as regards mobility.

All specialists in the use of the renewable energy in public transport or anyone that forms part of any group transport project are invited to come along to any of the venues and share their experiences.

Download the programme for the Oviedo conference here.