Atos participates in European project RENAISSANCE to promote clean and efficient energy networks

Atos announces its participation in the European project RENAISSANCE, funded by the European Commission through the H2020 program. RENAISSANCE aims to promote clean production and shared distribution of energy in local communities through the development of new community-driven, scalable and replicable business models and technologies.

The project will focus on four local energy communities across Europe. The data collected in these pilot sites will enable dispersed assets to be connected – and thereby increase the use of renewable energy sources beyond 27%. This twofold approach, both business and technical, will provide innovation in the form of:

  • Identification of new business cases and scenarios to determine the optimal energy and organizational configuration needed in order to create decarbonized local energy systems.
  • Development of an information platform to enable integrated and coordinated management of the various sites. The potential for energy trading within and among communities will be analyzed natively as part of the platform, thereby increasing the amount of locally-produced energy and the share of renewable energy.

Atos, through its Research and Innovation department, will build the architecture of the RENAISSANCE Information Platform and manage its deployment in pilots. Atos will also design and coordinate the implementation of the platform as a central information warehouse – and its deployment and operability for advanced energy services in various environments: a hospital (Belgium), an university (Greece), a ski resort (Spain) and a city (the Netherlands).

RENAISSANCE activities and innovation are expected to contribute to and impact on the current hot topic of energy transition/digitalization and the European Commission’s new regulatory framework which positions Local Energy Communities as the new energy actors. In addition to the impact through the 4 pilot sites, the RENAISSANCE approach will also be simulated under market conditions connecting 10 sites across the globe, to demonstrate its scalability and replicability.

Source: Atos