Axial launches its new AgriTracker solar tracker, a revolutionary system that harnesses agriculture and photovoltaic solar energy

Axial lanza su nuevo seguidor solar AgriTracker, un sistema innovador que aúna la agricultura y la energía solar fotovoltaica

The combining of crops and photovoltaic structures is a new field of applied study, seeking to make the use of agricultural land compatible with the production of photovoltaic energy. Agrivoltaic systems harness agricultural production and solar energy generation by making more efficient use of the land, but at Axial we have designed a new solar tracker that allows optimizing periods of sunlight and shade, fostering optimal crop growth while maximizing energy production, unlike conventional static Agrivoltaic systems.

As part of its constant search for innovation, Axial Structural’s product development engineering team has succeeded in bringing together two of the key activities for sustainable development: agriculture and green energy generation. Axial AgriTracker combines solar tracking technology with the requirements of each individual crop, enabling a specific solution for each crop planted, adapting to their specific needs and functioning as an additional practical tool for the farmer, helping to generate energy while protecting crops from the vagaries of the weather.

This new solution designed by Axial adapts to sloping terrain and different types of crop across a single operation (from vineyards, to orchards and market vegetables) thanks to its unique transmission system that enables structures of different dimensions to be combined.

Thanks to AgriTracker Shadow Programing App, we can set the timing of the installed agrivoltaic system for specific hours or control specific areas at specific times through the App developed by Axial, or set the individual position of each tracker in real time using ModBus Live Control.

Every mechanical element comprising the Axial AgriTracker is subjected to the same calculation, analysis and wind tunnel testing processes that are used for the Axial Tracker products. This makes it possible to size and guarantee the product in line with the weather conditions of each region.

The company’s first agrivoltaic project was implemented over a cultivation area of 3 hectares in the south of France, part of an initial project relating to a 100 MW pipeline to be implemented using this technology over the next two years.

Source: Axial Structural Solutions