Axial launches its new solar tracker with Blocking System, a revolutionary system that minimizes the aerodynamic effects of the wind

Increasing resistance to the effects of wind is one of the main objectives of any company that designs solar trackers, and the new Axial Tracker with its innovative Blocking System is the first solar tracker on the market to achieve it.

After months of in-depth studies, Axial manages to limit the problems of dynamic instability that have led to numerous stability problems for the first solar trackers on the market.

The new solution designed by Axial doubles the admissible speed at which the aeroelastic phenomena take place and consists of an innovative locking system with which, in addition to addressing the problems derived from the wind in the structure of the solar tracker, it is possible to increase the safety of the product during its life cycle by reducing movements and vibrations, which also reduces the micro-rotating problems in the panels and does not increase the maintenance cost.

The process is simple and efficient: the Blocking System converts the solar tracker into a fixed structure for 98% of the time. The 2% of the remaining time, in which the tracker is in movement towards its optimum angle of generation, the system works as a shock absorber with a high damping coefficient, ensuring the defines. Once this movement is finished, the system is blocked again, matching the behaviour of the tracker to that of a fixed structure.

Axial Structural Solutions has a long history of designing and manufacturing customized solutions for each project. In each of them, the seismic, wind and snow conditions are analysed so that trackers adapt to the demands of each solar plant, and this experience is reflected in the creation of the new Axial Tracker with Blocking System.

Currently, the blocking system is being implemented in photovoltaic plants in Mexico, Spain, Chile and France with more than 270 MW of Axial Tracker installed in the first half of the year. The Axial Tracker with Blocking System is thus positioned in the field of solar energy as an adaptive and safe system that avoids damage that adverse weather conditions may cause the equipment, marking the future of safety in the solar tracking market.

Source: Axial