Bafar will generate an output of 7520 kWe and 7600 kWh of heat with natural gas with two CAT gensets

MAQSA, one of the Caterpillar dealers in Mexico, has closed a deal with Bafar for the building, maintenance and operation of a new facility that will mean an investment of 30 million dollars. The purpose of the new installation is to fulfill the power needs of the industrial facilities of Bafar, a food product manufacturer, and to bring growth and development opportunities to the local community. This new facility will be located adjoined to the existing industrial facilities of Bafar in Chihuahua and will cover an extension of 4117.32 m2.

The turn-key project offered by MAQSA will include 2 CAT gensets CG260-16 which will run with natural gas and will generate 7520 kw of power and 7600 kw of heat. These two CAT gensets CG260-16 not only will allow Bafar to fulfill its power needs but also to use the heat produced to keep its cold stores for its products. [sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]

In order to make this new facility one of the most cutting edge ones of its kind, MAQSA has required the services of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, S.A (Spain) to carry out the basic and detailed engineering and the supervision of the assembly and commissioning of the gensets. In doing so, Bafar will benefit from the know-how and expertise of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, S.A in the trigeneration field.