Become an official installer of the sonnenBatterie: the most durable electricity self-consumption battery on the market has just arrived in Spain thanks to Webatt

Webatt Energía, a pioneer in solar self-consumption, has been selected by German group sonnen, the global leader in the manufacture of intelligent energy storage systems and the operator of the largest shared energy platform in the world, as its partner for the recent opening of its new market in Europe.

With the aim of promoting energy self-consumption at home and clearly focused on the rapid development of the use of renewable energy in Spain, Webatt, together with sonnen, has launched a partner programme designed for PV installers to bring added value to the service they offer their clients while certifying them as official installers in Spain (official partners) of a leading multinational such as sonnen.

The aim of the Webatt partner programme is to equip Spain’s leading PV installers with the necessary knowledge so that they can offer their clients sonnen’s intelligent energy storage systems and install the equipment themselves. In a first phase, which turns them into a network partner, the programme provides the installer with enough know-how to understand the equipment and its advantages, as well as personalised guidance during the first three installations undertaken. The second phase involves a validated certification to become a certified partner.

The Webatt partner programme is currently undergoing a major dissemination campaign and is expected to achieve its first round of certifications in Catalonia and another in Madrid over the coming months.

sonnenBatterie: innovation, quality and durability

sonnen batteries are a storage solution that uses intelligent energy management software. It easily adapts to the electricity consumption profile of any home, given that the system is available in different storage capacities and comes with a scalable and modular approach (2 kWh to 48 kWh – in modules of 2 kWh).

sonnen batteries are also high quality. They avoid surprises and offer a seamless transition by incorporating an integrated factory system that offers full control over the installation. The equipment contains an integrated power manager that guarantees greater security in the home thanks to its lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) technology instead of NMC (nickel manganese cobalt). The NMCs used in mobile phones, computers and electric cars are lighter and more compact however are not as durable and are less secure compared to lithium batteries.

sonnen equipment also offers the best level of durability on the market, with 10,000 charging cycles which translates into over 25 years. Manufacturers usually provide information regarding battery capacity, but the most important fact is the number of cycles and the discharge depth for which it is designed. The sonnenBatterie combines these two factors to offer the most competitive solution, taking into account the cost in Euros per charge cycle. There is no need for maintenance, however in the event of any incident, Webatt provides the installer with technical support.

Moreover, this German equipment is made out of components obtained from natural sources, with no heavy toxic metals, offering an attractive aesthetic that combines perfection with any interior décor.

For those who are technologically-minded, sonnenBatterie provides control over energy consumption and production at any time and from anywhere via an app. The sonnenApp makes it easy to monitor, analyse and control the home’s consumption and demand from any smartphone or tablet.

Webatt: the catalyst for the energy transition in Spain

As a result of its relationship with sonnen, Webatt has positioned itself as the catalyst to drive Spain’s energy transition, promoting a new and more sustainable energy model that is based on renewable energy and enabling households to become more energy independent.

Webatt was founded in 2017 from the joint efforts of Bassols Energía, an electrical power reseller and distributor with over 100 years of experience in the sector, and Wattia Innova, state company of reference dedicated to energy efficiency in the industrial and tertiary sectors and a specialist in home and office automation.

For its part, sonnen is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany and Europe. Its technology has been recognised on many occasions. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranking, sonnen is considered to be one of the 50 smartest companies 2016, alongside Amazon, Facebook and Tesla.