Benefits of modular power converters for wind turbine applications

The purpose of this analysis is to highlight the importance of the different factors that impact on the profitability of a wind turbine. This analysis has focused on the impact of the power converter and all the reliability data has been obtained from Ingeteam’s service records and their R&D expertise. This study is vital for offshore wind power (and other hard-to-reach sites) where maintenance access may be difficult or expensive.

The hypothetical scenario is a 6 MW power stage with the rated power curve as shown in Figure 1. It has cut in and cut out wind speeds of 3 and 26 m/s respectively. The base site wind speed is understood as being 7 m/s (3,863 equivalent hours); the standard corrective period is taken as one month and the standard lifetime as 30 years.

The price per MWh is understood as being $100 for the sake of simplicity.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014