Biomass-fired heating network for a property owners’ association in Mondragón

Many property owners’ associations have obsolete diesel-fired thermal power generation plants. Such installations are fairly inefficient, generating a high level of contamination with no system in place to share out costs between neighbours. One such property owners’ association, comprising 11 blocks of dwellings situated in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa), will save over €500,000 by replacing diesel with biomass and has commissioned Grupo Aresol to undertake the installation of a district heating network that will supply hot water and heating to every home under the format of an energy services contract.

This property owners’ association of 82 dwellings used to have a diesel-fired boiler room that consumed 93,500 litres per year, and took the decision to go for renewable energy. This shift towards clean energy would also represent a significant economic saving for the property owners’ association. During the first year, it would save 14%, with an estimated 33% saving expected by the end of the energy services contract.

The new thermal installation consists of two Herz brand multifuel boilers. One is a Biomatic 500 model with a nominal capacity of 500 kW and the other is a Firematic 201 model with 201 kW of nominal
capacity. During the season both boilers run simultaneously, but during low consumption periods, only one is in operation. They are equipped with automatic ignition, continuous modulation burners and are equipped to adapt to the energy demand at all times in addition to guaranteeing a high level of efficiency and saving. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2016