Biomass. Special Report: EXPOBIOMASA. July-September 21

Biomasa. Especial: Expobiomasa. Julio-Septiembre 21

Special report focusing on biomass, published as a separate issue to the July-September 2021 edition of FuturENERGY for its special distribution at EXPOBIOMASA (Spain, 21-23 September), where FuturENERGY has an active presence as media partner.

This special report includes the following:


Aerzen’s high quality technologies for the biogas sector


  • Recovering energy in 2021 and beyond. By Javier Díaz González, President of the Spanish Biomass Association (Avebiom)
  • Biomass can save €3.6bn and position itself as the most cost-effective renewable
  • 433 biomass heating networks in Spain
  • Spain must strengthen its legal framework to guarantee the sustainability of forest biomass for energy production
  • New waste-to-energy boiler for coffee grounds at the Nestlé factory in Girona
  • Biomass boilers: effective solution for reducing emissions
  • VIS, Vega inventory system: the efficient biomass supply control solution


  • Recovering energy in 2021 and beyond
  • Biogas and biomethane: rapidly developing green gases