Biovic, the trusted partner for renewable gas projects

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

Biovic, el socio de confianza en los proyectos de gas renovable

Biovic is a company founded in 2009 that specialises in biogas and renewable gas. Since its creation, the company has been involved in the design, construction and operation of dozens of biogas facilities, many of which incorporate upgrading equipment. Biovic recently became part of Grupo Gimeno, giving the company unique capabilities to design, build and operate such facilities at national level.

Through FACSA, a company belonging to the same group specialising in the integrated urban water cycle, Biovic operates more than 40 anaerobic digesters throughout Spain. The company is involved in very significant projects, such as the Copero WWTP in Seville, one of the largest in Spain, and the Alcoy WWTP, where it has carried out innovative digestion projects. Biovic is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of organic waste treatment plants, such as composting facilities and slurry management centres.

For over ten years, Biovic has been a partner in agro-industrial biogas plants adapted to the waste types to be found in Spain: slurry, manure, WWTP sludge, agro-industrial waste and animal by-products (APBs) of all types. The company also offers innovative solutions in the field of waste treatment.