Bolivia. An agreement is signed for electricity generation projects

An Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreement has been signed between the Ministry for Hydrocarbons and Energy, ENDE Corporation and the Governor of Tarija. Signature took place in the city of Tarija and covers the performance of the following projects: Huacata hydroelectric; the La Ventolera wind farm; and the Yunchará solar plant.

Today the demand of the province amounts to 63 MW with the city of Tarija needing 33 MW. So with 50 MW generated from renewables, we can cover the provincial capital and send the excess power to the SIN, the National Interconnected System”, commented Minister Sánchez.

Detail of the projects

The Huacata hydroelectric project is situated in the province of Eustaquio Méndez. US$6M has been invested to achieve a total capacity of 5.8 MW and it is expected to be commissioned in 2018.

La Ventolera is a wind power project located 31km from Tarija along the Bermejo road, with an investment of US$108M for a capacity of 48 MW. Its commissioning is estimated for 2018.

Solar Yunchará is a PV project situated at 4,000 metres above sea level in the municipality of Yunchará, Tarija, with an investment amounting to US$11M. Its capacity is expected to achieve 5 MW and it will be commissioned in 2017.

The pre-investment for all these projects will be paid for by ENDE Corporation through its subsidiaries and once the studies have been carried out, the proportion of investment allocated to each entity to undertake the work will be established.